Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Village Show Schedule

The Village Show schedule and list of categories has arrived and there is palpable air of excitement up and down the High Street.

I jest, of course.

a) we don't have a High Street
b) this village doesn't do excited!

Still, I am excited.

Unfortunately, our vegetable garden is very limited this year because our attention has all been on other projects.  We'll have tomatoes and cucumbers but that is about it.

I'll have a go at most of the Cookery categories and my grandchildren can enter all three of the Under 15's classes.   Last year they were the only ones to do so and won by default.   That made Hector very happy.

Photography - possibly.

No to Arts and Crafts.

Flowers - if a bunch of weeds were required then I would win Best in Show, especially with those from the vegetable gardens.   Other than that, we have plenty of lavender and lots of beautiful potato vine, honeysuckle and Passion flowers but nothing much else.  We'll see.   Those classes are usually very well stocked, so I shouldn't need to make up the numbers with my straggling arrangements.

Oh, just spotted an interesting class - one vase of grasses - now that I can do.   Having said that, I don't know my grasses from my sedges, but will they really be that fussy?

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