Sunday, 3 July 2016

A Glimpse of what we have Achieved so Far

I imagine that you are both getting very excited by now, perhaps even a little nervous about what your new life in England may be like.    Understandable, for both of you.   To calm your fears I thought I would give you a little glimpse of how the renovations and furnishing of your new home is going.

I could have stuck to plain and simple for the conservatory/garden room, but I know how much you both like the 1980's Laura Ashley look.

My sewing machine is still glowing red hot from all that fabric work.

Simple blue and white - you did say to keep it plain and simple?

Again, for the bedrooms (we have only managed to complete two of them) we kept it simple and country, cosy and sweet.

I won't spoil things by showing you the other rooms, I'll leave them to your imaginations until you walk through the door and see them for yourselves.

Just teasing, of course.   We have kept it all fresh and simple - a blank canvas waiting for the pair of you to make it home and furnish it to your own tastes.

In reality, I spent much of yesterday perched on this

A platform constructed from the very wide old floorboards and string...

It was the only way I could reach this:

The top corner of the front landing ceiling.   So much of the history of the cottage is revealed here, it shows how the height of the front extension was raised by a couple of feet, blocked doorways and so on.      It is now hidden behind a first coat of 'mist' paint, you'll still be able to read it in the walls though.

It feels good to finally be tackling the job which has worried me for so long.  If nothing else, the landing and hallway will be fresh and clean, light and bright.



  1. Blue and white, or red and white. I am hoping in one of the new bedrooms (if the roof is ever finished) to be blue and white. I have my eye on a blue and white patchwork quilt on etsy! Shh dont tell him in doors! lol

    And wow, I would have fainted, I cant do heights of any kind.

    1. Hi Sol, You will get there and the building work/mess/disruption will have been worth it.

      As for heights - definitely not my forte. I cling on to the walls and pillars, railings and banister rails. There does come a point where I have to let go and reach up and across, hoping for the best and trying to paint into the corner and still keep a straight line in the angle of the roof - terrifying. Final coat of paint tomorrow, then I won't go up there ever again. At least Parsonage Cottage is all on one level, one advantage of living in an old cow shed!

  2. Not sure I'd trust old floor boards though I am not different in doing so. Hope you put LED down lighters in that ceiling Phillips 50watt GU10 will really throw some light down the stairs

    1. Hi Bill, Thank you - I'll pass that on to Max. Those old floorboards worried me too. I have finished all the painting in that area now so I won't have to face my fears and climb the scaffolding again.


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