Monday, 11 July 2016

Are we nearly there yet?

Poppy, Miles and Boy have begun their long journey home from China.
It seems that nowadays, providing all the documentation is correct, and the airline is agreeable, then cats can travel in the cabin of an aeroplane along with their owner.

So here is Boy, in his travel bag, on board the aeroplane and setting out on the adventure of his life.

Cowslip Cottage is ready and waiting to welcome you all.

Safe journey,


  1. OMG I bet you are super excited. I hope they love their new home!

    1. So excited that I scarcely slept a wink, Sol! The cottage is clean, dry and comfortable (still a couple of rooms for them to do though) and simply waiting for them to put their own mark on the place, rearrange things to their liking. It will definitely be very different from their Shanghai apartment.x

  2. Lucky cats going to such a nice home

    1. Hello Bill, Thank you! He is a lucky cat - my son and daughter-in-law found him languishing in a pet shop in Shanghai. He had a terrible skin condition, which has taken an awful lot of patience and good care to 'cure'. Leaving him behind wasn't an option, so now he is going to have to learn about life in a quiet Lincolnshire village. I'm looking forward to meeting him at long last. The latest news is that they are in The Netherlands - almost home!


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