Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Reality

Just a few snapshots - to set your mind at rest.  No Laura Ashley or frills, no chintz.

The lamps are wrapped like that so that no one bumps into them while working on the house.

I haven't touched the back door, I'll leave that one for you.

The conservatory (actually more of a garden room) has just been scrubbed to within an inch of its life and freshened up - the garden is a tumble of flowers, the old sheds are untouched.


  1. You are really doing well with the house, Like the front door and the garden looks great, mind you that is a bog old shed

    1. Hello Bill, There are two wonderful doors in the cottage - old glass and lead work, they are really pretty and full of charm. The gardens are very pretty and filled with lovely flowers as the couple who had lived there for many years were really keen gardeners and even won the best kept garden competition, many years ago...the sheds are being undermined by the many rabbits around the place. Luckily, that's a job we don't have to tackle!


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