Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Long Awaited Moment

This is the moment Poppy got her first real sight of her new home.  
She has seen lots of photographs and videos, but hadn't seen it properly until this morning.

Simple logistics meant that Poppy and Miles travelled separately from The Netherlands.  
One had all their baggage (4 large cases weighing in at almost 100 kgs)  
and flew into our local airport,
while the other had charge of the cat.
Our local airport is too small to handle the arrival of animals
so he came into the country by ferry.

When Miles, and the friend who so kindly volunteered to drive him up from the port, were within twenty minutes drive of the cottage, 
we took Poppy down there, to tease her a little, with just a view of the outside.
No peeping in the windows!

I wanted them to explore the house together.

They have been married for two and a half years but this is the first home they have bought in England, so it seemed quite appropriate to go in for the gesture of carrying the bride over the threshold.  

It made Poppy smile even more than she had been.

I'm glad to say that they both love what has been done to the cottage.

Boy seemed very relaxed after all his travels.   He explored the house, ate some chicken and found his litter box.  All was well in his new world.

I am glad there is a temporary board blocking the chimney!

Half his fur was trimmed because the weather is so hot in Shanghai, normally he is twice this size, which makes him the size of a small lion.


  1. Lucky them getting a cottage like that all ready to move into, I'd love someone to do that for me as well. I'm usually the one doing it like you. Hope they enjoy there life in the cottage

    1. Hi Bill, To be fair to them, I know they would rather have done the work themselves - and there are still a few rooms which are in need of a lot of work! Bowed, cracked and flaky ceilings, bare plaster, no skirting boards and all the problems which come with an almost 200 year old cottage. They have the basics and will gradually do the remainder, as work permits. I have definitely decided that house renovation work is not for me! I'll pass on your good wishes.

  2. Welcome home..and they are so lucky.
    I hope they enjoy their new home .
    you are amazing.

    1. Hello Sara, It is so good to have them home. Miles has been working in Shanghai for five years now - in fact, I began my original blog (Pear Tree Log) to keep him in touch with life back here. They wanted to work on the cottage themselves but you can't be in two places at once! As I was telling Bill, there is still a lot of work to be done on the place - one major project being the kitchen, which is very basic but functional. Poppy is a very keen cook so we all wanted the kitchen decisions and choices to be made by her - and the best way to do that is to live with it for a while.
      Max and I can now start hacking down the jungle of weeds which have taken the place of our vegetable garden this year. ;-)

  3. They look so very happy to be home. I'm thrilled for all of you. x

    1. Hi Scarlet, They are really enjoying the cottage. My son started work the day after he arrived home, so Poppy is finding out about life in England by herself. Max and I call in each day, for a short time - just until she settles. It is wonderful having them just a ten minute drive away.x

  4. Welcome home Miles and Poppy! I wish you many happy years in your new home.

    1. Hi Sol, Thank you, I'll pass that along. They love the cottage renovations (big relief!) and Poppy is discovering that she really loves gardening. After so many years of city living she is thrilled to be in the countryside again.


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