Friday, 28 August 2015

A Bed in Rural Wuhan, China

Eighteen months ago, Miles and Poppy got married.   In order to do so, they had to make the long journey from Shanghai to Wuhan, where Poppy was born.   They took the opportunity to visit family and friends, taking lots of photographs along the way.

I'm not saying that I would like to sleep in this bed - but wow!   Goodness knows how old it is.   I like to imagine that the whole suite of furniture was a wedding gift for some long-ago couple.   I imagine the paintwork would have been much more vibrant.

A straw mattress, plastic and board sheeting on the roof, mosquito netting, concrete floor...   It is one of those images which I like to explore, there is so much going on.  It could almost be a staged piece, except that I know it is not.
fliss& max


  1. What an amazing bed! You are right - it looks like a stage set or a painting.

  2. Hi annjennyg - It's funny, even as I look at that image today, I still love it and spot things I hadn't noticed before. I'm glad you like it.


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