Monday, 3 August 2015

The Village Show - Preparations

In Little Bunting, August means the annual village show.    How quaint, you may be forgiven for thinking.    Far from it, The Show is an opportunity for settling old scores, simmering resentment resurfaces and it is taken extremely seriously even though everyone pretends to play it cool.

Quiet preparations and lots of trial bakes will be happening - behind closed doors, naturally, for no one will admit to their competitiveness, of course.   It is when life almost imitates fiction; think Midsomer Murders, that how seriously people take the show.

The most hotly contested sections are always the Produce and the Cookery sections.

The year I unexpectedly took first prize for scones, will be forever known as Sconegate.  People still mutter in dark corners about it.

It happened thus, our dear neighbour, Dominic, a foodie, food blogger (link), and all-round good egg, had made the most delicious-looking and tempting scones, we were all convinced that they would win first prize...

As soon as the village hall was reopened, following judging, we all dashed inside to check the results.

There was a collective gasp of horror...first prize for scones had gone to me.   (For the one and only time!)

I'm sure some people thought I must have bribed the judges!     It was simply that Dom had made his scones way too big, man-sized, the judge had to mark them down for that.   I won by default really.   (I never normally bake scones, I don't really like them, so they seem a waste of calories and Max would far rather I baked some special chocolate chip cookies.)

It is interesting to note that the scone section has been removed this year, the organisers are trying to update things, move on from the WI image.

It is all fun, it brings together much of the community from Little Bunting and the surrounding villages.   Great baking, garden produce, flower arrangements and even some lip-smacking beverages, alcoholic and non.   It is a really fun day for everyone as well as raising much-needed funds for the village community.

Sunday 16th August will be the one day when Little Bunting becomes Much Bunting.


  1. Watch your back! I will be there!

  2. Wonderful! Looking forward to seeing both of you.


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