Sunday, 9 August 2015

An English Country Wedding

England was looking its prettiest,
and so was the bride.

She rode from the farmyard, 
through the garden
and along the grassy lane to the tiny church, mounted sidesaddle, on one of those gentle giants of the horse world,
a Clydesdale.

The theme was that of a traditional Victorian country wedding.
Of course the hours which went into the grooming of the bride
matched the long hours spent on preparing the horses!

The bride 
(I would try to describe our relationship,
but I am totally incapable of following all the twists and turns of it,
so let's call her my niece)
and her horse were led to church
by her very proud father.

Her lovely long locks were flowing freely
and her dress cascaded and draped
He must have felt so proud of her.

The tiny church had room for only 60 people,
so you can imagine how small it is.
It's an interesting church,
I'll show some photographs
and share the story of it another time.

Once the ceremony was over and the marriage register was witnessed and signed,
it was time for some family photographs,
here they are in the vestry.

Then there was a surprise for the groom

 for there were two horses waiting!
He hadn't ridden for years...

I think he was quite surprised at just how broad the back of a Clydesdale horse can be!

There was time for a quick sip of champagne before they rode off together
to the marquee reception,
which was held in the grounds of their cottage.

(photograph taken by a friend - thank you.)

It was all very special
and so appropriate for this lovely couple
who work with horses.
Magical and memorable.


  1. what a beautiful day. lovely

  2. Hi Sol, A lovely wedding and a beautiful bride- but Charlie and Chester the Clydesdales stole the show. They are magnificent.


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