Sunday, 2 August 2015

Old and Crumbling Country Buildings

Little Bunting is not a pretty village, but it does contain some interesting and rather beautiful old buildings.     This is one just along the lane from Parsonage Cottage.    I have the awful feeling that one day it will not be there, it crumbles and bits and pieces are falling down, cracks keep appearing, part of the building has props to support it.

The first photograph shows it from the lane, this is taken inside the grounds of the property.    I love the old bricks, the higgledy-piggledy roof line and tiles, the wonderful old doors and so on.  I hate what it was, the old slaughter house,   The hooks and pulleys are still in situ, I know because the lovely old man who owns the place has shown me.

To the far end of the buildings there is a an old and very  crumbly stable, for an old, old horse.   The lovely old man is 98 years old, the horse almost 30 years.   They have lived there for many years.  Benedict, the horse, obviously knows that his stable is becoming unstable - he has decamped to another old building in his paddock.

His new stable is pretty old too, but far less crumbly than the original.   He was sheltering from those annoying flies this afternoon - can you see him?

I nipped around the other side and got this snapshot of him snoozing, although he soon woke up when he realised that I had an apple and some peppermints with me.  In fact he perked up so much that after his treats and a suitable amount of attention, he took off across his paddock, feeling refreshed and happy with life.

He looks pretty good for his age.   So does his owner, Oscar, despite having a nasty accident and having to spend his Sunday afternoon in Accident and Emergency at the local hospital.    He's back home now, thank goodness.

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