Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Through the Arch

This green and leafy archway is at the far end of one of Farmer T's barley fields.  On those rare summer days when the sun is shining, and the field is shimmering with heat, it beckons with a promise of coolness and shade.

Old railway sleepers have been used to form a series of steps

I always have to smile when I reach the top, for there is a signpost, hiding its' head amongst the foliage.

The bank is the old railway line, it was closed in the 1960's and since then nature has been allowed to run riot.

Up one side, over the bank, then another drop down into Farmer B's field.   The official track cuts through the field - but it means a walk along a different lane - Dobson finds that far too scary - so we cut along the side of the field and emerge through the hedge near the old railway bridge which marks the start of Little Bunting.   We walk through the archway, up the lane, and we are home.  

This battle-scarred bridge was built in the 1840's.    A few weeks ago a skip lorry driver didn't bother to read the warning signs.   He drove through with the arms raised, causing a lot of masonry to fall.   As a result, the bridge was closed for three or four weeks, causing a long detour for drivers and problems for local businesses.  It was bliss without the traffic, just ask Dobson.

He arrives home exhausted with the stress of it all.

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