Sunday, 23 August 2015

Poppy and Miles in Shanghai

Happiness!  Miles is back in Shanghai, home with Poppy
after spending a month here, working on Cowslip Cottage.
It is still a work in progress,
but will become their home in the future.

I know that Miles enjoyed my food while he was home, 
but I also know that
 he is extremely happy to be eating food cooked by Poppy!

She is a marvellous cook.

Take your eyes off that beef, Boy!

*  *  *

Now that Miles is back in China
the nest is empty again.
I don't have any problem with that,
I know many parents suffer dreadfully
from 'empty nest syndrome'.
All I have ever wanted for my children
is that they should be happy and healthy
now they are all happily married
and living their own lives,
I couldn't be happier.

I can indulge myself in all my hobbies and interests.
I have time to read, to sew, dabble with a variety of crafts,
visit the old churches and buildings, which I love so much
I don't have to cook so many meals!

This is what Max and I ate yesterday evening.
I made a large jug of custard, thick and unctuous
and we indulged in
wild plum and windfall apple crumble.

No starter, no main course,
just crumble and custard.

We were happy little piglets!

My worktable has become own again,
it is covered with fabrics
as I play around with making a patchwork quilt for young Merry.

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