Friday, 7 August 2015

Mysterious Stones, Beautiful Stones

This strangely-shaped piece of stone was found in one of the barns at Cowslip Cottage.

It feels wonderful in the hand, fits as though it was made to be used as a tool, it is about three or four inches long and weighs quite heavy, what on earth could it be?  ...answers or suggestions on a postcard!

This beautiful stone is in the grounds of another lovely cottage, it is in two parts, the top ball is a separate piece of stone, attached firmly in place by the ivy.

It is quite large, perhaps two feet high, it has been in situ for many years.   Again, I don't know what it was for...unless it was for grinding something, like corn or wheat.

Simply beautiful!

So is this one - huge and heavy,

whatever the original use, for the past forty or fifty years it has been used as a horse mounting stone.

Not for mounting this old lad, though.   
He suffered a leg injury when he was very young and has not been ridden since.


  1. loving the blog Felicity!.... it's nice to see the country life when i'm stuck in the big city. x

  2. Thanks Dom. Hope we will see you at the village show this weekend. x


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