Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Old Post Office, Little Bunting

Isn't this a marvellous old photograph?*

Little Bunting is thought to have first had a post office in the year 1893, when a rubber stamp was issued with the name of the village.   The first sub-postmaster was also a baker, draper and grocer.

There are at least two other cottages in the village, which bear a name which suggests that they may have been the post office at one time.

Such a tiny village and yet there was the grocer's shop, drapery, post office, at least one (although I have been told two) butcher's shops plus a farrier, carpenter/coffin-maker and wheelwright, one public house and an ale house, a railway station and goodness knows what else.

The old grocery/post office building in the photograph still exists; the whole property is now one family home.

It is located directly opposite our tiny village hall.   It looks quite different, although the ghostly impression of the large painted sign is still there, if you look carefully.

I took this photograph of the old blacksmith's anvil when all his old tools and equipment were auctioned off a couple of years ago.

*I can't quite remember the full story of who originally owned the photograph, but many thanks to Mrs Denver, I know the final link in the chain was from you.     (Mrs Denver lives in the house shown in the photograph.)

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