Friday, 21 August 2015


Yesterday evening, as I was walking Dobson, I spotted some plums
on the woodland floor.
I looked up and found half a dozen trees
laden with this glorious bounty.

I've been back today and picked a few.
Don't you just love the bloom on them?

These are destined to be made into a plum and apple crumble
one to eat now, the other for the freezer.
(the courgettes are from the vegetable garden)

I took a really long walk yesterday
heading off deep into the countryside.
The field hedgerows are filled with these beauties.
I shall return and pick some another day.

I walked through fields which I haven't visited for about four years,
not since my old dog began to find that particular walk a bit too far
for his old legs.
This time it was my old legs which protested.
I shall be sure to start doing that walk more often,
it was a really good work-out.

I couldn't resist calling in to the little churchyard
Dovecot Dell.

It may look a mess, but I was thrilled to see just how much hard work
has been done here.   
Someone has been working hard
to clear the brambles and masses of ivy.

It is a beautiful place with some very fancy stones for such a small churchyard.
Next time I shall take my specs so that I can read the inscriptions
and perhaps my gardening gloves to assist with the clearance.

The fancy stones are interesting, but the ones which touch me most deeply
are these tiny ones.


  1. I have a lovely local spot where I can pick more plums than I can possibly eat. The locals just leave them to rot on the floor. You just reminded me that they will be ripe now.... I feel a plum gathering session is not too far away.

  2. Hello Cherie, I made a plum and windfall apple crumble - naughty, but delicious. It looks like a really good year for plums - I hope you find plenty.


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