Monday, 24 August 2015


Last year I was lucky enough to be given a pile of vintage Japanese kimono fabrics.    I spent yesterday evening cutting and snipping, cutting squares to make a quilt top.   These are some of the patterned fabrics but there are plenty of plain ones as well.

Most of them are between twenty and fifty years old, a few are much older.   They are amazing, both in colour and condition.     Some are printed, others woven, a few have been painted by hand.

It feels so good to be getting creative again, so much of this summer has been spent doing practical work

on Cowslip Cottage, helping to turn this lovely old place into a home again.    My role has been stripping wall and ceiling paper (hard work!), tidying up after the workers, gardening, making the tea...

The trouble is that I keep getting distracted by these wonderful creatures...  They graze the park land to the rear of the cottage and I could spend hours watching them.

aren't they beautiful?

Don't worry, I'm not coming any closer.

Slaking their thirst at the trough - then the little ones gamboled off for some more fun.

Fun is what has been lacking for me, the quilt should help fix that.

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