Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mouse Saga Part 64b

image borrowed from bookaunt

The shelled walnut, which I had left out for the mouse, disappeared.   At first I wasn't sure whether it had been misplaced by Hector (who'd hidden in there during an after school game of hide and seek) or had been absent-mindedly nibbled by Max.

So I put another one in the same place.   It, too, has gone.

This time I have sifted some flour on the shelf and placed the walnut right in the middle of it, perhaps then I can follow the floury footprints to your wee housie, or at least find out which direction you come from.

The humane mouse traps have been ignored, of course.

Come on mousey, I don't want to kill you, I just want to send you on a little holiday.  

If the others have their way they will use poison.

I think mice are rather nice
Their tails are long, their faces small
They haven't any chins at all
Their ears are pink, their teeth are white
They run about the house at night
They nibble things they shouldn't touch
And no one seems to like them much
But I think mice are nice!
Rose Fyleman

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