Sunday, 13 December 2015

Over the Garden Gate

Poppy, Miles, sorry for the lack of posts.     Life is really busy at the moment and set to get even busier this week.  

This morning we spent several hours working down at your cottage, the builder will return tomorrow to move on to the next step.    It will all begin to come together soon!   This is the view over your garden gate, the parkland is devoid of cattle, but I saw three squirrels frolicking among the trees and a very handsome pheasant posing on the tree trunk.

Garden jobs are stacking up, they will have to wait though.   Extra childcare duties, caring for Old Oscar's horse, hospital visits and grandchildren's school plays, etc are all taking our time right now...and then there is Christmas and preparations for having people stay over the holidays, somewhere we have to fit in the regular chores, shopping, etc.      Poppy, we need you!

Max has removed that evil, spikey shrub from the cottage wall...

This green patch is where it was, the winter flowering jasmine is doing very well.    Once all those horrible pipes and wires are relocated it will look a whole lot better, although I still think you should have it painted pink,  of course Merry thinks purple would be better!

First thing each morning and just before dark I go along the road to visit this old boy.   We also visited old Oscar in hospital the other day.    I think it will be a while before he gets back home.

Oodles of love,


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