Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Stumpery and a Simple Life

The Stumpery in Owl Wood is sporting some very fine mushrooms thanks to all the mild wet weather.    I haven't a clue about what they are called, I simply admire their form and beauty.

Even the spring bulbs and early greenery are beginning to sprout, the rhubarb patch in the back garden is active again... I fear they may all get a bit of a shock when the weather becomes properly seasonal.

The sky is blue, the sun is shining and I am being called outside by the beauty of it all.   I'd like to be out there right now, trouble is,  I am baking bread - but as soon as the loaves are out on the cooling rack, I shall pull on my coat and boots and get out and about for a walk through my favourite stomping grounds...Butterbump Splash, Dovecote Dell and back to Little Bunting.

I'm pleased with how they turned out.
So, the bread is baked and on the racks cooling.  Freedom and fresh air beckon.

As I make my way around drinking in the wonderfully clean, cold air, I shall be thinking about 2015, pondering which bits to share.

It has been a year which has seen our dear old friends, Oscar, and Trent, become very ill indeed. Hang on in there, old chums,  everyone sends love and healing thoughts to you.

The Dovecot and our local pub - the white building on the left side of the photograph.

One of my favourite extra jobs this year has been looking after my dear old friend, Benedict.   I love that old horse and I miss him.   Every time I walk around Owl Wood  (several times a day) I find myself lifting my head to look for him for he always seemed to hear me in there and would look across - probably trying to say "come and see me, and don't forget the pony nuts, apple, carrots and polo mints...".    

I took a few moments to walk around the churchyard, scrambling up the steep bank and through the wrought iron gate by the yew trees to the east and as I did so, I found part of a very large bone.   It was obviously very old, perhaps the rabbits which have honeycombed the hillside had dislodged it and brought it to the surface.   I expect there is a proper procedure, but in lieu of this I gouged out a hole and gave it a decent burial.

As I was fighting my way through what is probably the muddiest farmyard in the whole of Lincolnshire, I felt I was being watched.   I turned my head to the right and saw these three handsome chaps.    

They stood stock still and watched as I struggled to free my Wellington boot from the deep, deep,  mud which was determined to hang on to it.   I won the fight - but only just.

This is the view looking back towards Dovecote Dell - the farmyard, the dovecot, church and cottages are hidden by the trees on the right.

One step from here and I am back on the lane which runs through Little Bunting.  

The cold air cleansed and refreshed me and I now know that I only want to wish everyone  "A Very Happy New Year!"

It has been fun developing this new blog and meeting some new friends, along with a few from days of yore.   Your company is much appreciated.

Max and I will be spending the early part of this evening with our new neighbours, getting to know them a little better as we share a bottle or two of something cold and fizzy.   They will then move on to the pub, to join in with the midnight celebrations and fireworks, Max and I will head home for a mug of cocoa and to check on Dobson and the cats.   They hate fireworks, but not half as much as Max hates being out late and socialising.


  1. The mild weather has brought everything forward this year. Love your pictures. I have a Hellebore almost in flower and the odd primrose here and there in the borders - all good for the morale :) Happy New Year 2016 to all your family and counting the days until Benedict is home from his holidays. love Molly xxx

    1. Molly, I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful 2016. With love, Elaine xxx

  2. Happy New Year to you..may 2016 bring all you need..

    1. Thanks, Sara! Happy New Year to you and your family.x


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