Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wednesday at Parsonage Cottage, for Poppy & Miles

Yesterday afternoon we waved farewell to Ben and his parents.   
It was wonderful having them to stay with us, even for such a short visit.
Ben is a little treasure, so like James as a child - apart from the dimples which
I think he gets from his mum.

This morning we called in to check on your house and it was fine, all was as it should be.

We also popped in to the shops to buy cat food, those girls eat us out of house and home.

Back home and the old fruit garden lawn got mowed - the weather has been so mild that it hasn't really stopped growing.
Housework has been done, bedding changed, Hector and Merry have been over for an hour
and Dobson has been walked.

All is well in our little kingdom.

We'll give you a call tomorrow.
Meanwhile, as promised, a few photographs of your nephews and niece.

The two boys got on really well, Hector was thrilled when little Ben decided that he really liked his big cousin...

..Merry had trouble adjusting to having her big brother 'borrowed' and having to share her beloved 'Gwampa' with another.   She settled for staying close to her daddy.

Ben and his daddy - Ben is playing with an old calculator, we told him it was a telephone, he had some wonderful conversations with it... although he was a little puzzled at first about why it didn't talk back to him.
lots of love,


  1. it looks like you had a lovely time.

    Happy New Year! Hoping for the best year ever!

  2. Hi Sol, It was a really wonderful treat - we don't often get to see James and Ben.

    Wishing you health, wealth and happiness for the new year.x


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