Sunday, 27 December 2015

Preparing for the next Round

Today has been spent doing normal things, a small oasis of calm before our next lovely guests arrive.

Dobson was having an off day and refused to walk along the lane with me.   I tried persuading him, but he dug he heels in.   I wasn't prepared to drag him along on a walk, so I took him back to the garden and went off by myself.

Through Butterbump Splash and along the lane to Dovecote Dell.

I took a small detour to the church yard, then down through the farmyard - a very muddy farmyard, just as well I was wearing Wellies.   The air was mild, the sun was shining.   It was wonderful.

Back home, I baked a sponge cake and a load of chocolate brownies, then used the sponge to make an enormous trifle.   Beth and James are staying with us for a few days, so they will make short work of it.   I also made a vast potato salad and a big pot curry.    I plan to do relaxed entertaining and easy meals.

Max has been busy in the garden - shredding the mini mountain of sticks which have blown down through the year.      They were soon shredded and scattered along the pathways around the vegetable garden, forming a nice dry surface.    

We always enjoy this job - it tidies up the woodland and it provides us with free mulch.  Win-win...and fresh air, to boot.

Poppy, Miles, I'll post photographs and more news tomorrow.    The internet has been dropping in and out today, sorely trying my patience.


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