Saturday, 5 December 2015


When I was younger I used to give silk painting lessons, I also had exhibitions and sales of my work.  I still have a handful of scarves and a few of the 'reject' paintings.   It was enormous fun, but definitely involved a lot of hard work.

I rarely think about the paintings, except to occasionally wonder if any are still hanging on walls...much more likely that they have been thrown out or languish unloved, in attics!    

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when Max and I were out looking for a piece of furniture, of very particular dimensions (which gets very tedious when I see a beautiful item which Max deems to be not long/wide or high enough)  to fit in the conservatory, when I spotted two large silk paintings hanging on a second-hand furniture shop wall.

It dawned upon me that they were 'my' paintings from about 20 years ago.  

It was totally unexpected, something of a shock.    

I was consoled that at least it wasn't a charity shop...  ;-o


  1. I would have bought them back....

    1. Hi Sol, Max did offer to do so, I wouldn't let him. I was pretty pleased with how they looked though.


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