Saturday, 5 December 2015

Paradise Lost for Mr Tremble

Mr Tremble's wild life came to an abrupt end one night; he was within a whisker of being permanently put out of action, when one of the 'girls' took pity and smuggled him into the safety of her home.

He kept his head down for a while, kept to the shadows.

Mr Tremble grew fat and bold when he found the well-stocked pantry.

One day the others found out about him.  

Plans were made to capture him, some wanted to set traps and kill him.  

One person pleaded that mercy should be shown, humane traps used.   Reluctantly, the other agreed.   Days passed and Mr Tremble remained free.

Snap-traps were purchased, once again there was a plea for mercy, just one more try with the humane trap....


Mr Tremble was caught in the pantry, taken out into the dark, wild wood and sent off to make his own way in the world.

This beautiful mouse was made by

Don't bother coming back Mr Tremble, you won't be welcome.


  1. Replies
    1. He came within a whisker of the alternative, so glad that patience was rewarded. I wonder how he is getting on though, back in the wild woodland after a few months of cushy living. We frisk the cats before we let them in these days, wait for them to meow, so we know they don't have a new furry friend with them.


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