Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Little Normality is Good

We enjoyed all the fun of Christmas but it is wonderful to get back to a little normality.   Now that the decorations are being packed away the house is being gradually restored to slightly less colourful order.  

The fridge and the pantry are looking more streamlined as our meals return to normal, too.   We didn't go mad and over indulge too much, but even so, I can feel the difference.      My body works better on less food and no alcohol.   Goodbye, Prosecco!   Hello tap water and smaller meals.

I am looking forward to getting my craft work cupboards opened again, there is a quilt which needs finishing and another one which has only just been started plus there are lot of other ideas for projects which are jostling for attention in my head.

This won't entail any expenditure, the fabrics and wadding are all there squished into my cupboards and shelves, just waiting for me to get cracking.

Outdoor jobs need to be done.    While the trees are bare, we need to cut down some which are crowding the hedge line.   Plenty of opportunity for fresh air and exercise as we work on those, with free firewood as a bonus.

The vegetable garden pathways will receive a good deep layer of mulch, as we shred all the tiny bits which are of no use for anything else.    Nothing will go to waste, unless we come across some blackthorn - we love harvesting the sloes, but it is nasty, spikey stuff to deal with otherwise, so any trimmings will be put on a bonfire.

Of course all this activity will provide much entertainment for the hens, they will be around watching the floorshow, watching out for grubs and insects and generally getting under our feet - but then, Owl Wood is their home and they love anything which is out of the normal.


  1. Happy New Year! wishing you health, wealth and happiness.xxxx


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