Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snuggle Quilt

This is the quilt which I have been making for Merry.

Many of the fabrics are remnants from dresses which I have made for her.
I hope the quilt will keep her warm and snuggly and also
remind her of some of her pretty frocks.

She is also mad about purple, pink, and rabbits
so I made sure that I included plenty of those colours and appliqued some rabbits
while I was at it.
Much of it was hand sewn simply because that was how I wanted to do it.
(I think I have got that particular thing out of my system for a while!)

I enjoyed making the quilt but now I'm looking forward to being able to make progress
with my own.
I'm making it from vintage fabrics in very bright, jewel-like colours
to go on our own bed.

I suddenly realised that not one of all the quilts I have ever made
has been for Max and me.
Time to rectify that!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous. Very impressed.

    1. Hello Molly, The quilt has been in use for a few days now, safe to say she likes it!

  2. love it and I especially love the rabbit details

    1. Hi Sol, It was fun doing the rabbits. I cut them freehand, so they're a bit wonky but Merry doesn't mind!

  3. What a lovely idea to use fabrics that have special meaning to her--and adding rabbits is even better!

    1. Hello Ms Sparrow, She has really been missing the old horse, so until we can arrange a visit to him we are cultivating her interest in rabbits!

  4. Beautiful quilt she will love it I am sure and it also looks so well padded and soft. I am in the process of making a small hexagon quilt for the back of my sofa like you I am doing it by hand but will finish it off on the machine. Have fun making one for yourself. Dee :-)

    1. Hello Delia, Thanks for visiting. Sometimes it just feels good to do a bit of hand sewing, though hexagons seem much more stylish than my big squares. I've almost completed a third of my own quilt, thanks to the weather!


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