Thursday, 28 January 2016



We had arranged to call for the neighbours a little after 8.30 pm.   The night was mild and dry, Jupiter was clearly visible in the sky.   Our amble along the lane, accompanied by our torches, was fun.

The first question was 'what should we call ourselves?' ...  it didn't take Mr ND long to come up with a suggestion - The Bagels.   We looked at him bemused.     Slowly the penny dropped, the B&A are their initials, G&EL for us  (our real names) of course!

The Bagels, it was.

The initial sheet was Food and Drink Dingbats, most of which were groan-makingly obvious, once you had seen it, utterly perplexing before.   Two of them totally defeated.

Twenty-five quiz questions prompted much discussion and debate but we got there in the end.

Then there were the 10 jackpot questions.

We won the jackpot section with 7 correct answers and came first in the main quiz.

Our prizes were a giant-sized bag of M&M's and a load of crunchieS and mars bars......terrible for the teeth and worse for the waistline.    We gleefully divvied up the spoils and will share them with the grandchildren.

It was a fun night, we both enjoyed it.   We'll be going along for a big charity pub quiz event in about 10 days time, we'll do our best but don't hold your breath for a result on that one.

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