Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Two Lucky Strays find a Wonderful Home

The two stray cats which made their home at the pig farm have now been taken into the hearts and home of Farmer and Mrs T.    They feed them, keep them in at night, and love them.

Alas, neither of them is our darling Bennie, so she is still missing.

I am truly happy that two strays have found a home.  

Poor Bennie.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dom, I am so disappointed, I'll keep on hoping.

  2. I'm so pleased that you went to see Mr & Mrs T and the pussy cats are happy. We lost our beautiful Tabby cat about 3 years ago. I fed them at night and when I went to feed them in the morning she was missing. We searched and searched but never found her not even a body. It does feel as if there's a gaping hole in left behind as there must be with you losing Bennie. We still have her daughter and grand daughter and love them to bits.

    1. Hello Molly, Those cats have definitely landed on their feet, bless them. I had decided that if one of them turned out to be Bennie, and if she was happy and content in their home, then I would have left her with them rather than upset them all...it was a tough decision, wasted agonising. Silly me.

      I'm so glad you have your other girls to help fill the gap - these puss cats can certainly work their way into our hearts. The missing ones are never forgotten though. xx


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