Friday, 8 January 2016

Underneath the Railway Arch and on to Butterbump Splash.

Miles, this one is for you and Poppy.

This is what the lane looked like yesterday morning - doesn't look too bad, does it?

Well, not until you get a little closer to the old railway bridge.   As you can see, the ditch was full to the brim and spilling onto the road and the water was still cascading down off the field and pooling under the bridge.

I took Dobson home (much to his relief) and came back out again.   I wanted to go under the bridge, impossible with a water phobic Dobson,  to check on the lane to Butterbump Splash because, as you will remember, this often floods, too.

Not so this time, the new owners have obviously worked hard and worked wonders on the drainage, the road was amazingly clear, just a few small puddles, and one very unhappy and bedraggled peacock.

He decided he'd had enough adventures and began to make his way home, dragging his sad and soggy tail feathers behind him.  

The mill was looking as beautiful as ever.    I think they have worked wonders on the place and are working hard to create a much better environment for their birds and animals.

Much love from soggy Little Bunting.


  1. crikey... fingers crossed it doesn't get as bad as it once was!

  2. lincolnshire land of mud , famous for centuries


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