Saturday, 9 January 2016

Farmer T left me with a Dilemma

The other day, when I was taking those photographs of the vast pool of water under the railway bridge, Farmer T stopped his car and had a long chat about this and that.

He told me about the two dogs which belong to Sarah, and about how much he and Mrs T miss their dogs.   Then he went on to tell me about the two beautiful stray cats which they now have up at the pig farm.

Almost two years ago the local cattery 'lost' our beautiful Bennie.   Despite a poster campaign, word of mouth pleas, and social media, we haven't been able to find her.     The only consolation was that she may eventually find her own way home as the cattery is less than five miles away.

The pig farm lies between us and the cattery, perhaps a mile and a half away from Parsonage Cottage, so probably somewhere Bennie would pass through if she were trying to find her way home.   On a couple of occasions Alice has reported seeing a cat, which looked very similar to Bennie, in that area.

On several occasions in the past we have been up there, scouring the fields and calling for her - without success.

Now, Farmer T and his wife have apparently grown quite fond of these cats, so presumably the cats have somewhere to sleep, enough food to eat, and they have each other for company.

Should I go up to the pig farm and check out these cats and risk spoiling things for Farmer & Mrs T, and for the other cat, who presumably enjoy one another's company.

Bennie was companion to Coco, but she now has Miss Pinkerton (a stray from Dovecote Dell) to whom she has become very close.  

If I were to find it was Bennie at the pig farm and to find that she was fit and happy there,  would I be strong enough to leave her behind to her new life?   So many more questions.    I'm still thinking it all through.


  1. oh such a dilemma! I would have to say that I would go and if it was Bennie I would bring him home!

  2. Yes, No - I don't know. Maybe you could just visit Mr & Mrs T just as a social call. If the cats are well fed and looked after and happy, then perhaps things are best left as they are. If it is Bennie and she recognises you, could you mention to Mr & Mrs T how the cattery lost your cat two years ago and how much you miss her. See what the reaction would be. You're obviously on good terms with them. Hope things work out the way you want them to E xx


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