Sunday, 31 January 2016

Busiest Weekend, Totally Exhausted!

Sounds like it could be fun, doesn't it?

Well, it could have been fun, on Thursday I did receive a very late invitation to a huge party (last night)  in the village - alas, the weekend was already fully booked, work scheduled.

I have spent the whole weekend stripping (wallpaper) washing down all the cottage walls, scrubbing all the outer walls with bleach and water...hours of rib-busting, back-breaking, totally exhausting work.   Cowslip Cottage is having a team of plasterers in from tomorrow, many of the walls are to be insulated, etc.

The builders finished most of their messy work on Friday afternoon - leaving me just 48 hours to get the walls scrubbed down and prepared for them, while Max finishes off some of the electrical work.

At 6.30 pm last night I was flat out on the sofa, worn out, with darling Dobson stretched out alongside me, snoring...not being unfaithful to Max, Dobson is my dog, he'd been left at home all day, although we did pop back for half an hour at lunch time.    We spent a couple of hours snoring and snoozing, exhausted after seven hours of stripping and scrubbing, too tired to read a book or watch television, certainly too worn out to party.

We were woken by the sound of fireworks - presumably fireworks to celebrate the 50th birthday party at the pub.    No chance of getting him out to 'stretch his legs' after that little lot.   He had become a quivering jelly, poor boy.

Oh, Well, enough of this whining, time to get back to work while the daylight lasts.

One big push of work should see my job finished.

Poppy, Miles, don't worry.   I am tired, but it is great to see how much has been achieved at the cottage and to know that within a few days it is going to look so much better than before.

I hope next weekend will be really quiet, restful, relaxing.   We can do the work but it takes longer for our batteries to recharge these days.

Love you,

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