Friday, 22 January 2016

Surreal Sight

Why is that I never have my camera with me at the right time?

We were driving down one of the back roads* to our tiny local market town when we were surprised by the sight of an elderly man riding a pennyfarthing bicycle.

Completely unexpected, totally wonderful sight, but a little scary  -   I can never understand what happens when they brake and come to a standstill; that moment when you would normally put your foot to the ground to steady yourself ready to push off again?

For locals, *the back road was the one which comes out near the police station.

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  1. how amazing. I forget that I have a camera on my mobile but I forget it is there all the time

    1. Hi Sol, Ah, if only I had remembered to take my phone with me. As per usual, it was at home, sitting on the charger!


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