Sunday, 24 January 2016

Frugal Suppers in Songjiang

As with most young couples in the real world, Miles and Poppy are having to be sensible with their money now that they have bought their first home together, Cowslip Cottage, here in England.

The cottage is almost two hundred years old, in a beautiful setting, and is taking quite a lot of renovation work.   It will be a delightful home for them, but renovations cost money, so Poppy ensures that the food they eat doesn't blow the budget.

(The prices are in Chinese Yuan, approx 10 Yuan to the £)

Miles loves Chinese food but every now and then he likes to eat Fajitas!

Poppy retained enough of the ingredients to make two completely different dishes for supper the following night.

Some of the chicken was cooked with red onions, spring onions, peppers, garlic, ginger, and a little soy sauce to become what UK Chinese restaurants call "Kung Pao Chicken".

While the remainder of the vegetables were cooked with fresh mushrooms, sour chilli sauce and 1/2 tsp soy sauce to become a slightly sweet and sour, spicy mushroom dish, which Miles really likes.

with the addition of a couple of bowls of rice you have delicious, authentic, frugal, Chinese food.

Well done, Poppy.   Keep sending those recipes and photographs.


  1. the cottage is going to be lovely. The FOOD!!! yum. I am now hungry

    1. Hello Sol, The cottage still looks like a demolition job, but the plasterers start work next week so that should improve things! Perhaps I should host a virtual supper party when Poppy is home during the summer - you'd definitely be on the guest list!


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