Friday, 5 October 2018

Your Starter for Ten:

Thank you for all your wonderful comments yesterday.        I will be responding later.

This was my view yesterday morning...

The Angel of the North, by Antony Gormley.  For anyone who would like more information about this very beautiful sculpture, click here.

It is a powerful piece of art which is best experienced in real life.    When I say 'powerful', I really do mean powerful.

Stand by the Angel and you can feel a kind of energy.

When I first went to view it, a couple of decades ago, I had already decided that I didn't like it.   Then I stood alongside it.     I don't think I have ever had such a strong reaction to a piece of art  before.

Yes, it is a mighty structure, but that isn't what generates the power.      Stand right next to it and it changes from an enormous structure of metal into a living, breathing entity.

No doubt art snobs will say differently, but that is how it makes me feel.

I had to travel to the area for a family funeral. 

Back home again now, but busy catching up on all the things which should have been done while I was away.

Stayed here, just opposite The Angel.     The views are quite splendid!


  1. That looks huge!

    I didn't like it, at first view, in your photos. But it must make one change, to be there, right by it.

    What a lovely place to stay. Even for a sad occasion.

    Back to all the things needing doing... -sigh- Isn't it the way, all over.......


    1. It is huge! Some people say it is a monstrosity and, initially, I was prepared to agree with them - then I stood beside it. It becomes almost like a living, breathing entity and is incredibly beautiful. You would need to travel to Gateshead, near Newcastle upon Tyne to experience it, Luna!

      My husband comes from a village up that way, lots of his family still live in the area.

    2. What I would love to know is..... If others have felt, what you felt, when standing near it? Because what you felt, is amazing.

      And since it is amazing, can everyone experience it? Or does one have to be...? More open to the experience, perhaps...?

      Needless to say, I love it, that you had this experience. What about other, older UK sites? A la Stonehenge and etc.? Have you felt energy, there?

      Oh dear, I simply *must* hop-on-something, and fly over there, and be able to talk to you, in person!!!!! ,-) That's all there is to it!!! ,-) I have so many things, I want to chat with you, about! :-)

      But sigh... I wonder if my besom, has that many miles left in it...........? >,-)


    3. Now there is a seasonal image - you and your besom!

      Have others experienced it? I don't know, is the honest answer. I hope so. For me, it was totally unexpected and overwhelming.

      I don't go seeking out things like this, they just happen, or not. As with synesthesia, they are just part of my experience of life. I expect most people have similar things going on but they probably don't write about them.

    4. Oh if I did, I would!!!!! -grin-

      All I have is my synchrinicity.

      And my childhood imaginary playmate "Buzzzuz". A dark haired boy, a bit older than I was at the time. :-)


  2. Our youngest daughter lives nearby in Hartlepool so we have passed it many times and yet have never stood next to it. Maybe I should on our next visit.

    1. Choose your day carefully - you don't want to be blasted by the wind and rain - though you have lots of experience of that on the island! I hope your weekend weather is not too dire.

  3. I have only seen the Angel from one angle but it still called my attention. Also, I have only seen it from a distance which doesn't provide an opportunity for close examination. I am impressed by the last photograph and it's uprightness.

    1. It is quite a landmark, definitely a big statement piece. If you ever get the opportunity to go and see it in close quarters, I think you will find it quite an experience.

  4. I have always wanted to see theat, now I have retired I may get a chance

    1. It is well worth the effort, Bill. Besides which, there are many wonderful places to visit in that part of the country, you would be spoilt for choice.


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